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TMC America - Frozen Fish Products

TMC America exports a variety of frozen fishes

Serving Quality and Value

TMC America sets the standard in quality and value for frozen Alaskan fish products. Thanks to direct partnerships with our sources and importers, it is more cost-effective than ever to procure products.

Other premium frozen fish offerings are also available through TMC America. Please contact us with any questions, or to request a complete list of available products.

Product List

High Quality!

  • Cod (whole, head, milt, roe & stomach)
  • Black cod (head & neck)
  • Pollock (whole, milt & roe)
  • Butter, rock & flathead sole
  • P.O.P. and dusky flathead
  • Starry flounder
  • Octopus
  • Atka mackerel
  • Skate (wing & liver)
  • Halibut (neck)